There is no mistaking it!!!!!

There is no mistaking it- Last Stop Weddings is not for the brides and grooms looking for that traditional church wedding! However, we still find beauty in the traditions that led you to your new spouse and think adding your own personal touches make for the most memorable weddings and events. Here's a quick list of the three most prominent trends for weddings in 2016: 1. New and unusual catering options-especially food trucks and Brunch weddings! Not only do these help the overall budget-think about your childhood and the nights your family changed it up and had Breakfast for Dinner- they also add your own special "flavor" at your wedding! Food truck brides and grooms can pay homage to their home towns (think Philly Cheese Steaks for the groom from Pennsylvania and Chicken Katsu from the bride's Honolulu hometown). Serving brunch truly helps the budget as breakfast foods are usually half the price of dinner entrees- and pair excellently with Mimosas and a Bloody Mary Bar! Having the brunch theme wedding can also significantly help with the overall budget as most venues-including LSP-offer a significantly lower venue fee for a Sunday over Saturday and if you do your ceremony and reception in the afternoon, most of your guests can still (kind of) make it back to the office on Monday morning. 2. Mix and Match Groomsmen and Bridesmaids- the trend has been gaining traction over the past few years, but in 2016 fashion experts forecast that for the first time ever, mix and match will overtake matching wedding party attire! Also two-piece options for bridesmaids or groomsgals are extremely popular as well and usually more flattering on the different body shapes of your wedding party. 3. Blush, pale blue, pale green, cream, champagne, grey, and GOLD! Many brides and grooms are shying away from the deep or bright colors and opting for a super neutral palette. An added bonus to choosing this color scheme is that the photos usually appear softer and more romantic. They also avoid matchy-matchy by mixing them all together because somehow all together they still look amazing and soft! Silver has been the winner for over eight wedding years, but gold is making its Roman Empire return! Mix a little gold into the neutral palette and you end up with a dream-like scene. Give us a call or shoot us an email today. Ann and I are happy to help with every and any detail of your wedding, and offer our services at any SoCal venue along with the full service offerings of our Prop House venue in suburban Los Angeles as well!

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