What is the typical Wedding??

Is there a typical Wedding style or look you have to have? I don't think so..I think it is whatever tells the story about you and your soon to be husband/wife. The story of where you met or where you fell in love or the adventures that you will have in your new journey together.

Lets not forget about budget! I know , I know there is so many blogs out there that talk about how to do a cheap wedding... make your own table toppers or flowers , even have a friend take your pictures. Lets be honest though...if they aren't talented and cant do it why would you do that to save some money.. So what about changing it up. Why have flowers? What if the bridesmaids held really cool bows or nothing at all. Center pieces can be objects that mean something to you, not flower center pieces, Maybe even photo of the people sitting at that table.

What about the cake... for real does anyone really like wedding cake? There is a few companies out there that have amazing wedding cakes, but on a budget? Vons or Ralphs have great sheet cakes and already made cupcakes for cheap. How would any know unless you told them . Right????

See , why spend $10,000 or even $20,000 on a wedding when you could use that money on buying a house, or going on vacation. Even better going to ikea or pottery barn, maybe even World Market and decorating your new place.. Or my favorite place....HOMEDEPOT!!!. Ok Ok my husband and I own a construction/prop house so I am a huge fan to the HomeDepot, it does have a lot of fun stuff. Anywho, Just thought I would throw out some ideas. More Blogging to come. Throw out ideas of any information or thoughts you have.. Till next time

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